Boerrigter Physical Therapy

Praktijk for General, Manual, Orthopedic, Lymphatic/Edema and Hapto Therapy, Master of Science in Physical Therapy


Rehabilitation of complaints and injuries of the Shoulder, Hand, Back, Knee and Foot. Medical Shoulder taping, Psychosomatic complaints, Hip and Knee Arthrosis and Pelvic complaints.

Corona update

Fortunately, we are able to carefully start treating patients in the practice. The circumstances are different than what you are used to. Click here for current information and guidelines.

5 tips for working from home

During these very strange and uncertain times, we all have to use a bit of our imagination to get through the (work) day. Most of us are working from home or working more than usual because of co-workers on sick leave. Kiki en Imy have made a short video with 5 tips on how to avoid stress and stay fit while working from home.



Treatments at home

If your doctor writes a referal for treatments at home (because you are not able to come to the practice) the PT will come to your home. The PT will keep in mind your home situation and the times that you are available for treatment. As your condition improves, the PT will discuss the possiblity of coming to the practice for treatment.


If you come by car, parking is at your own risk. Please park in the designated areas.

Costs and Insurance

The cost of treatment depends on the type you get. The price list for the various forms of treatment can be found in the waiting room, on the board or in the information book.
Not all forms of treatments are covered by all health insurance companies. Depending on your insurance, your treatments can be partially covered, fully covered, or not covered at all. Check your insurance policy for your coverage. Costs that are not covered by your health insurance are your responsibility.

Telephone accessibility

You can phone the practice throughout the day. There is the possibility that we can not personally speak to you because we are in treatment. You will get the voicemail. If you clearly speak your name and leave your phone number, we will call you back as soon as possible.

Privacy and Complaints

We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act . Information can be obtained from your therapist or in the brochure rack. Of course, we always do our utmost to offer you quality care . In the unlikely event that you have a complaint with regard to the way you were treated, it is best to first discuss this with the employee in question. Information on how to proceed with your complaint can be obtained in the practice.

Client Dossier

In accordance with the WGBO law, Boerrigter Physical Therapy must grant you access to your file if you request it. Should you also want to make changes in this file Boerrigter Physical Therapy is required to do so. You can also ask for a copy or destruction of your file at any time. Boerrigter Physical Therapy conforms to the Wgbo legislation in fulfilling these requests.

Boerrigter Physical Therapy is a general physical therapy practice with an emphasis on orthopedic physical therapy, sport therapy and manual therapy. We specialize in shoulder and back pain as well as sports related, work related and musical instrument related injuries. Examination and treatment is based on a holistic view and on functional movements in motion chains. Progression of treatment is based on motor learning principles and always collaborating with the patient up to functional exercise therapy, regaining full sports and/or workload, depending on the patients goals. We value personal attention, personal information and working with the patient

Hans Boerrigter MScPT has been working as a Physical Therapist since 1981.
In 2003 he earned his Master of Science in Physiotherapy at the Faculty Of Movement And Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

Until 2007, he was the first and only Physical Therapist with a Master’s Degree in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He has done promotional research and development of the effect of stabilizing the shoulder, arm and hand, with medical taping, due to RSI complaints because of overuse of computers and mobile apparatuses. Further, he has developed his specialties treating all shoulder complaints and is a member of the EUSSER, European Society of Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation.
In addition to his specialisation in shoulder complaints, he also focuses on hip and knee osteoarthritis treatment and rehabilitation after cruciate ligament reconstruction and knee and hip prosthesis.

BIG nr: 39033179304

Carolien has been working as a Physical Therapist since 2002.
After working in Geldrop for 15 years, I decided to join Boerrigter Physical Therapy in 2019. In the past years, I’ve specialized in Work Related Injuries, Edema Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Medical Taping. I also specialize in Psychosomatic Physical Therapy.

My preference is to work one on one and think expertise, awareness and observation is a very important aspect of the treatment. That’s why I prefer working in a small and very professional PT Practice that you can count on.

BIG nr: 89057543804

Mindy Weinshenker-Boerrigter is Office Manager. For all your questions about appointments, payments, health insurance and other information needed in and about the practice. Mindy is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the practice

Kiki Mettler is Office Employee. For all your questions about appointments, payments, health insurance and other information needed in and about the practice. Kiki is on Mondays and Thursdays in the practice